Small Business Saturday's: Crystal Grips – Art by Holly Ryan

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Small Business Saturday's: Crystal Grips

Welcome back to Small Business Saturday's my loves!

WOW! You are all going to fall in love with this company just like me! Crystal Grips is an essential accent to any phone and person! Super handy and easy yo assemble on just as any pop socket, but with an adorable and aesthetically pleasing twist! I myself purchased one and have it on as my daily pop socket! I find the size of these incredible as its easier to keep ahold of my phone with no worry about it slipping! A+ quality and such a sweet owner you wont be disappointed in any way with your order! Keep reading to enjoy a complimentary discount for your own order!

Crystal Grips:

Hi lovely humans!

My name is Rebecca and I'm the owner of Crystal Grips Co. A few things about me; I grew up in Parry Sound, ON, and in recent years relocated to Muskoka, ON. I love living in this area, from the lakes to the forests I feel so incredibly blessed to be so close to nature! I have two miniature dachshunds (Rory & Georgia) - I adore them!! I went to university for studio art & history, and have always enjoyed art in every form (Especially photography - comes in handy for product shots).


Besides my love for nature and art, In recent years I've become passionate about crystals and rocks! The idea for Crystal Grips sparked in Dec. 2019 - I had an idea to put agate crystals on phone grips. Agates come in thin slices making them perfect for this idea! Agates are known for their stabilizing and grounding properties, which I think everyone who uses their phone (& especially social media!) need in their lives. I always liked having phone grips, they're just so handy.

I envisioned that a crystal could add some boho style to my phone case while also allowing me to absorb all the positive energy crystals radiate. I launched my idea to friends and family in March 2020 on Instagram, and after an amazing amount of support and love, I was able to open an Etsy shop! I've started to expand my product beyond crystal phone grips and have been dabbling in keychains (which are still in the works).

I feel so incredibly grateful for all the love my small business has received over the past year and I'm excited to continue to grow and make new things. To all other small businesses out there, I think it's so important to create (even on the days you don't feel like it). Continue to put yourself out there because positive things will be attracted to your like-minded energy.

The small business community on Instagram has been nothing short of amazing! I've met so many powerful and creative women through the platform and am so grateful for Holly's kindness and the kick-ass idea of #SBS. Feel free to follow me on Instagram and favourite my shop on Etsy for all the crystal content!

Crystal Grips Instagram: @crystalgrips

Crystal Grips Etsy:

With gratitude I'd like to offer 10% off any order on my Etsy store, just use the code "CRYSTALBABE10" at checkout!

Thank you xx

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