Small Business Saturday's at Art by Holly Ryan

Covid-19 Update: I am accepting and posting orders. Thank you for supporting my small business !

Small Business Saturday's at Art by Holly Ryan

Welcome to the Small Business Saturday section of Art by Holly Ryan! This area is specifically dedicated to other Canadian small businesses and artists as a way to help spread the word of these wonderful businesses and owners! 

During the time of covid-19, it is the rule of Small Business Owners! This is our time to shine and bring out talents to light for the world to enjoy and purchase. When I first opened my business in late 2019 I was scared, intimidated and absolutely at rock bottom with no clue where to start. Hours of google and YouTube, reaching out to small businesses across the world, a ton of research and thousands of dollars later I am where I am today! Along the road I have had the pleasure of meeting so many incredibly talented and kind people in this community. I say community because that's what we are - a community and a family constantly working together to bring success to our small Canadian businesses. This blog is my small way of contributing to my community and family so that you all can purchase and enjoy these lovely souls work! 

Every first and third Saturday of the month there will be a feature of a Canadian small business. This will include photos, logos, product photos, product information, background on the business & possibly discount codes and giveaway surprises! 

If you'd like to nominate another small business or would like yourself featured in our small business Saturday, please fill out the form located at the bottom of the page labelled #SBS Feature Form. You can send all answers & photos to @Artbyhollyryan on Instagram or directly to my business email! 

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