Small Business Saturday's: Brie Fraser Designs Ink – Art by Holly Ryan

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Small Business Saturday's: Brie Fraser Designs Ink

Welcome back to Small Business Saturday's my loves!

Something a little different being featured here today! A lovely woman who runs her own tattoo parlor! The reason I am obsessed is because I find this to be such a rare find in the tattoo community! Other then the wonderful Brie I've only had the pleasure of meeting one other talented female artist and I know I'd love to see more! Brie has a unique talent in both tattoo artistry as well as selling her own work as merch! Make sure you take a look at her site to go through the array of gorgeous products and services she offers! 

A little about Brie:

My name is Brie! I am a healthcare worker and tattoo artist in Kingston, Ontario. I originally started my business in 2014 as Brie Fraser Designs; I did graphic design and some custom drawings. At the end of 2019 I had an opportunity to shadow a tattoo artist friend of mine for a few weeks and I fell in love. In 2020 I opened my home studio and my businesses focus has been on tattooing and selling my prints and merch. - Coming soon: I will be releasing 3 prints. For every print that is sold, $2 goes to AMHS-KFLA!


Advice for other small business owners: Don’t give up! Starting a business is so much work and at the beginning it can be difficult to get support. People will eventually see your value, creativity, talent, and dedication and it will make all of the hardships worth it. Don’t forget to spread some love and kindness along the way!

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