Small Business Saturday's: OKAY Sis! – Art by Holly Ryan

Covid-19 Update: I am accepting and posting orders. Thank you for supporting my small business !

Small Business Saturday's: OKAY Sis!

Welcome back to Small Business Saturday's my loves!

This week's small business Saturday post is coming a little late but still incredible none the less! Featuring here to you is a local candle business run by an incredibly hard working sister duo! Located in Niagara Falls, this company makes you feel no guilt for doing your retail therapy in their shop! Ranges of beautifully smelling candles, home décor and clothing you'll never regret a single purchase made!

I bring to you, Okay sis!

☁️ Retail therapy for the mind, body + home ☁️

we make pretty things that make you happy


"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy pretty things, and that's pretty much the same thing." - Al, the littlest sis

OKAY SIS was created by sisters from Niagara, ON. The inspiration for our business is to bring you retail therapy and positive vibes inspired by our love for plants and everything pretty.

We currently sell:

- mini espresso cup with succulent (best seller)

- terrarium soy candles

- self care soy candles

- soy candles

- cereal inspired candles (also a best seller)

- sweaters

- bracelets

Our small business was born in November 2020

Website link:

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