Our Story – Art by Holly Ryan

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Our Story


                 Hi! Im Holly Ryan- I am a resin artist based in Kingston, Ontario Canada. In 2019, I started experimenting with resin amongst other mediums and since that first day, my practice has evolved into an even wider variety of mixed arts. I have always been creative and enjoy painting and creating functional art, which led me to my passion of working with epoxy resin! 


                 Art by Holly Ryan was formed in 2019 to create unique and functional art. What began as a fun hobby throughout my life has evolved into a passion and a career of creating art. Within the Art by Holly Ryan collection there is features of smoking trays, memorials, wall hangers and more created by me myself and I! I am always on the look out for new ideas and continue inspiration to utilize in my work. This helps me grow everyday as a person and as an artist. I believe art is the more powerful then words. Art is a way to express and describe yourself without even speaking. My mission is to bring colour to the world, through the art that I create! Art has a meaning to each individual and I want to bring out every emotion through my work. Everything is made with all my love and soul.