The ABHR Story – Art by Holly Ryan

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The ABHR Story


The Art by Holly Ryan Story

Hello my lovelies! Thank you for stopping by to read more about the background of ABHR and the creator - Holly Ryan

 My name is Holly and I’m a 25 year old preservation artist based in Ontario Canada! 


In the new year of 2019 I began creating fluid art paintings and coasters. From here I would also teach multiple classes at my local paint store and inside my home, showing other locals how to create this beautiful art. I had a client come to me requesting I seal her commissioned order and so I took to the drawing board to figure out the best way to achieve an incredible finish. Varnish was beautiful, but epoxy resin gave my work this indescribable clear coated & shiny protection. I began playing with epoxy resin more often and in different styles, starting with floral keychains and trays and then ranging in a large variety of pieces. From charcuterie boards, to functional shelves, decorative trinket trays, purses, coasters, wall hangers and SO MUCH MORE, the possibilities have been endless in this medium.


After 2 years of this style of work, I am strictly focusing on what brings me the most joy - floral preservation and memorial artwork. 


What started as a fun hobby back in 2019 has turned into a passionate career creating both beautiful and functional artwork that will be treasured forever. Throughout the years I’ve been blessed to create some of my most elegant and meaningful work ever and I plan to continue expanding ABHR, bringing you all hand crafted, one of a kind, meaningful pieces to the shop and all of you.