Floral Preservation FAQ – Art by Holly Ryan

Covid-19 Update: I am accepting and posting orders. Thank you for supporting my small business !

Floral Preservation FAQ


Thank you so much for looking to invest in my art!

I’m looking forward to working together and bringing your treasured piece to life. Please take a moment to read the information below to have an idea about pricing, materials, timeline etc! 

If placing an order through the website, please send me an email or direct message on Instagram giving me all the details to what you're desiring in your piece(s) as well as any photos, items etc you are wanting included in it!

I cant wait to make your treasured gift.

What is the ordering process? 


Add the products of your choice to your cart and check out to lock in your order.


Following our detailed shipping instructions PDF, send your flowers to our shop via overnight shipping or schedule a time frame to drop them off at our Kingston, ON location.


After our unique pressing and designing process is complete, we will ship you your finished product(s) or you can choose to pick them up at our showroom

How far in advance should I book my bouquet? 

We strongly recommend that you book as soon as you have your wedding date to ensure we have the time and space in our custom order schedule to create your treasured pieces.

I’m not sure which design to pick. What are my options?

We have many design options to choose from to preserve your flowers forever, these include classic options such as floral blocks, coasters, ring holders, vases, tealight holders and so much more. We can also include any other details such as ribbons, photos and other inclusions from your special day into any product. There are no limits as far as creativity! Let's work together to create a piece unique for you. 

When will my piece(s) be ready?

We are currently working on a schedule of 2-4 weeks. Whichever way we are preserving your bouquet, we take extra care throughout the process and allow additional time to make sure that the flowers are preserved completely and ready for encapsulating for all products. 

We appreciate your patience throughout this process. We can’t wait for you to see your artwork but we also want to present you with the most beautiful piece possible.

I’m not located in Kingston, ON or surrounding area, can you still work with my flowers? 

Yes! Many of our bouquets have been shipped to us both new and old. You will need to overnight ship your bouquet to us if it is fresh and we recommend that you check with your local post office rates prior to confirming your booking. 

For shipping your flowers to us:

If you are getting married on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you will ship us your flowers the following Monday.

If you are getting married on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, you will ship us your flowers the following day.

If you are local to the Kingston area, we will schedule your drop-off or pickup. 

Because we need to have a deposit to book you, invoices are due upon receipt. Due to high demand, we will not hold spots for unpaid invoices after 14 days. We are offer an interest-free payment plan to all orders. The final payment will be due prior to designing your piece. Shipping will be added on the final invoice. For payment plans, please contact us via Instagram (@Artbyhollyryan) or email (Artbyhollyryan@gmail.com)

How do I ship my flowers to you?

Please contact us via Instagram (@Artbyhollyryan) or email (Artbyhollyryan@gmail.com) for more details and our Instructions Manuel PDF.

Do you preserve for other events that are not wedding-related?

Yes! We can preserve your flowers from any event. Whether it's a baby shower, memorial, or a custom piece, we can work with you to preserve your flowers in a unique, special way! Check our Custom Preservation section to see the different ways we can accommodate you.

Can you press any flower?

We will certainly try to press every flower and piece of greenery in your bouquet. However, not all flowers will make it through the pressing process and this is natural.

Not all flowers preserve the same--some will look different preserved than when they were fresh. While the overall look of your flowers will remain the same, you should expect color changes on most of your flowers. Most flowers tend to dry with a darker hue. For example, red roses turn burgundy, white flowers turn ivory, hot-pink flowers turn purple, hydrangeas usually don't retain their shape, and some flowers show translucent spots on the petals due to bruising when they were fresh.

Please be advised that all resin pieces from Art by Holly Ryan are unique and vary from piece to piece. Florals are utilized in the resin art pieces after being preserved. Most of your flowers will go through our Flower Beautification Process prior to the natural florals being encapsulated in the resin.

As always, we recommend following our shipping instructions carefully to assure that your flowers get to us in the best shape possible! 

I still have my wedding bouquet from years ago. Is there anything you can do with it?

Yes! We are able to do a recreation using elements from your air-dried bouquet! We would essentially recreate your original bouquet and incorporate pieces of your original into the final piece.

If you have any other questions or inquires please feel free to contact me via Instagram (@Artbyhollyryan) or email (Artbyhollyryan@gmail.com)