How To Order – Art by Holly Ryan

ABHR is accepting bouquet preservation bookings for 2023. Book Today!

How To Order

The Process

Step 1: Getting Booked

So you’re interested in bouquet preservation, awesome! Go ahead and fill out my contact form and I will get back with you on availability and answer any questions you have. I have a small deposit that secures your date, then you’re good to go! I will contact you a week before the wedding or other event to coordinate drop-off or shipment of your flowers. 

Step 2: Wedding Time

Today’s the day! Make sure someone gets your flowers in water after the ceremony. Try your best to be gentle with your bouquet, they can really take a beating. If they’re looking a little rough, grab a centerpiece or bridesmaid bouquet so that I can pick out the best ones. 

Step 3: Drop off

The sooner I can get your flowers, the better. Next day drop offs are awesome, but I can take them within a few days of the wedding. If you aren’t dropping off the next day, make sure you’re swapping out the water in your vase with fresh water. I have extra flowers and greenery on hand should there be issues with stock of your flowers. I also work alongside multiple flower shops local in Kingston, Ontario that can assist in recreation and sourcing of your specific bouquet. 

Step 4: Drying

The flowers need to be dried before going into resin. I’ll pick out the best blooms and put them through our unique and one of a kind drying service. This takes at least 2 weeks.

Step 5: Designing

Once your flowers are dry, I will design and send you a layout for your block. I only send layouts for blocks and trays; you’ll just have to trust me on the smaller items! Once you’ve approved your layout, I can get started.

Step 6: Pouring

Pouring the resin can take a couple weeks. Resin needs to be poured in layers to avoid burning your flowers; I take my time to make sure your precious flowers are taken care of. 

Step 7: Demolding and Finishing

Once your pieces are done, I can take them out of the molds and do any extra finishing steps that are required. 

Step 8: Pick up or Ship

From start to finish can take up to 6 weeks (typically much quicker). When everything is ready, I’ll send you photos of your finished pieces and will let you know the date and time for pickup, or when shipments will be going out.