The ABHR Cause – Art by Holly Ryan

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The ABHR Cause


Here at ABHR we are committed to keeping our dear blue planet beautiful and pristine for generations to come. To do this, we have partnered with Tree Canada to continue to bring impact to our planet, country and communities with every order placed. 

When you buy from Art by Holly Ryan, a portion of every purchase goes towards planting a tree with this incredible cause. 

YOU can help us grow better places to live all across Canada and in your community.


Since 1992, Tree Canada has greened more than 700 communities throughout Canada. They've supported the greening of more than 700 schoolyards, and planted more than 10,000 edible fruit and nut trees and shrubs in communities all across Canada to help fight urban food insecurity. For 25 years, Tree Canada has engaged communities, governments, corporations, and individuals in the pursuit of a greener and healthier living environment for Canadians.

Their National Greening Program and mass seedling planting program across Canada target areas where there is a need for reforestation or afforestation due to human activity or other causes. 

Art by Holly Ryan is proud to be partnering with Tree Canada in an effort to contribute to this incredible cause and bettering our planet together.